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Meet the friendly faces you will see when you visit us in our office or on the phone.

Crystal Baker

Crystal Baker is a former United States Air Force member who serves on the Clark County Veterans Service Commission (CCVSC). Her journey in service began with her Air Force enlistment from 2003 to 2006, a period that ignited her appreciation for veterans’ sacrifices and their post-service struggles. Crystal’s role on the CCVSC is driven by her resolute belief in helping veterans access their rightful benefits. She recognizes these benefits as pivotal for veterans’ successful reintegration, and her genuine empathy and dedication fuel her mission to create positive change in her community.

Outside her CCVSC commitment, Crystal is an enthusiastic puzzle solver, engaging with intricate brain teasers to sharpen her problem-solving abilities. Yet, her greatest joy stems from spending cherished moments with her family, fostering enduring connections. Guided by the maxim “Old ways won’t open new doors,” Crystal embodies a philosophy of embracing change and innovation for personal growth. Her unwavering determination and compassion render her an indispensable asset to the CCVSC, ensuring veterans receive the essential support needed to overcome post-service challenges and thrive in civilian life.

Annisa Younts

Annisa Younts is a dedicated member of the Clark County Veterans Service Commission, with a strong drive to assist veterans in overcoming challenges. Her journey began in 1989 when she joined the U.S. Navy, serving until 1994. This experience ingrained in her a deep understanding of veterans’ struggles during their transition back to civilian life.

Annisa’s passion for her role in the CCVSC is rooted in her unwavering commitment to help veterans navigate the complexities of post-military life. She offers crucial guidance on benefit access, healthcare, and employment opportunities, aiming to ensure veterans lead fulfilling lives. Beyond her service, Annisa finds joy in family moments, reading, cooking, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Guided by the principle “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” Annisa embodies empathy and kindness in her interactions. Her dedication, compassion, and expertise make her an invaluable asset to the Clark County Veterans Service Commission, where she continues to positively impact veterans’ lives by providing essential care and support.

David Mitchell

David Mitchell is a passionate advocate for veterans’ rights and benefits, currently serving on the Clark County Veterans Service Commission. After joining the US Navy in 1993, David’s seven-year service deepened his respect for veterans’ sacrifices and the challenges they face upon returning to civilian life. His commitment to veterans stems from his enjoyment of guiding them through the intricate web of benefits and resources, recognizing how these crucial provisions improve their lives and opportunities.

Beyond his role in CCVSC, David values family time and cherishes the bonds he builds. He finds serenity in fishing and thrills in his love for motorcycles, embracing the freedom and adventure they offer. Guided by the mantra, “If I can’t change the people around me, then I change the people around me,” David believes in taking control of one’s circumstances and surrounding oneself with positivity. This outlook shapes his approach within CCVSC and his personal life, fostering an environment of support and growth.

David Mitchell’s empathy and dedication shine brightly within the Clark County Veterans Service Commission, where he utilizes his extensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to empower veterans. His impact resonates through his efforts to ensure veterans rightfully access the benefits earned through their service, exemplifying his role as a valuable asset to the commission and a beacon of positive change.

Roger Ward

Roger Ward, a devoted member of the Clark County Veterans Service Commission, has spent 23 years serving in the Army Reserve and National Guard, deeply valuing the sacrifices made by fellow veterans. His dedication stems from a strong desire to aid veterans in accessing the crucial benefits they’ve earned, recognizing these benefits as a vital source of support during their transition to civilian life.

Roger’s commitment extends beyond his role in the CCVSC, as he finds fulfillment in diverse activities. A practitioner of Kenpo Karate, he embraces its discipline and mental strength. Roger’s passion for communication shines through amateur radio operation, while camping offers relaxation and adventure. Engaging in Cowboy Action Shooting combines his historical appreciation with a competitive spirit.

Guided by the quote, “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway,” Roger embodies bravery in facing challenges. His extensive experience and empathy position him as an essential asset within the Clark County Veterans Service Commission, ensuring veterans receive the care, recognition, and support they deserve after their dedicated service to the nation.

Darwin Hicks

Darwin Hicks is a devoted member of the Clark County Veterans Service Commission, driven by a deep passion for assisting veterans as they transition from military to civilian life. While specifics about his military service are not provided, Darwin’s unwavering commitment to his fellow servicemen and women is evident. He recognizes the sacrifices veterans have made and empathizes with the challenges they encounter.

At the heart of Darwin’s dedication within CCVSC is his genuine desire to provide guidance, resources, and support to veterans navigating the complexities of post-military life. He firmly believes that veterans should have access to the benefits and care they’ve earned through their service. Beyond his role with the commission, Darwin finds solace in cultivating his yard, using it as a source of tranquility and connection with the natural world. Guided by the principle of embracing each day with enjoyment, Darwin’s compassionate approach and commitment continue to have a positive impact on veterans, ensuring they receive the assistance, recognition, and resources they rightly deserve.

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